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Concrete Countertops and Furniture

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops and table tops are now the rage in the interior design of homes and facilities. Concrete is just as strong as granite or marble but can be customized in many different ways. The addition of colored aggregates, integral color, different stains and staining methods, one of a kind inlays, etc., make concrete countertops unique. Countertops can be made with different finishing techniques such as flat trowelled, terrazzo, epoxy terrazzo, faux travertine, veined, marbled, and ground and polished. They are every bit as durable as granite or marble and can be refinished if necessary. Unlike granite or marble, they take on a patina with age that can be eye appealing and give a certain warmth to a kitchen.

Concrete sinks can be cast as part of the countertop. They can also be cast separately and used as an under mount sink or a surface mount vessel or bowl. They can even be combined with other materials such as glass so that the front of the sink can be seen thru. This treatment is an eye catcher in a bathroom. Also tubs can be cast from concrete. Concrete tiles can be used for tub and shower surrounds.

Concrete Furniture

Planters and outdoor furniture can be cast in concrete. However it does not have to be the boring gray of the concrete items produced by the concrete companies. Different finishes, colors and detail can be used to create a backyard or patio envied by your neighbours. Lounges, benches and even backyard barbeque stations can be customized in concrete. Square box shapes are a thing of the past. GFRC mixes can now be used to create curved pieces of furniture with out losing strength and durability.

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