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Our Services

Interior Concrete Re-Surfacing and Repair

Overlays, Inlays and Micro-toppings

Cementious overlays are used to repair damaged or worn out concrete floors. By covering the old surface, the floor can be started off as a fresh new canvas to create any pattern or color required. Overlays are usually 1/4 to 2 thick and can be either self levelling or trowelled on. They can be either integrally colored, or stained after application to suit the color scheme needed by the customer. They can also be engraved to create patterns on the floor. Worn, pitted or spalled surfaces no matter the age can be covered. Inlays can be incorporated with overlays to embed items of interest into the floor. Coins, flat machinery parts, rocks, fossils, etc. can be used. Architecturally, they can add detail to a floor or visually capture the eye of a person to enhance another feature in the room. Micro-toppings are another decorative concrete coating. They are installed less than 1/8 thick. They are usually colored and the use of more than one color is normal. They can be used to create sweeping patterns of color or mottle the floor with colors that are installed one on top of the other to give the colors depth.

Glow in the Dark Overlays

Glow in the Dark Overlays can either be used either indoors or out. The emit a phosphorescent glow that is not radio-active. They can be used to mark exits indoors during power outages or outside to mark sidewalks or pool decks not exposed in low lit exterior areas. They can be covered with micro-toppings or regular overlays to create designs and that glow in the dark. After 20 minutes exposure to light, these overlays will glow for up to 12 hours.


Custom logos are now finding their way onto concrete floors. These logos can be applied on the floor surface using epoxies. They can also be inlayed to make them part of the floor.

Self-Levelling Re-Surfacers

Self-levelling re-surfacers are another form of overlay. They differ from cementious overlays as they are usually epoxy or urethane based. They are used for re-surfacing loading dock ramps and high traffic areas in industrial buildings. They can not be stained and are usually mono colored.

Joint Filling and Spall Repair

Filling of expansion joints and control cuts is a must in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. The concrete joints can be damaged by forklift and pallet jack traffic. Also the other benefit is to keep dirt from collecting in these joints. Spalled (eroded) areas can be patched using either cementious fillers, 2 part polyurethane/polurea hybrids or epoxy aggregate mixes. Each system has its specific use dependant on down time, chemical exposure, cost effectiveness, etc.

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